Warranties and Technical Support


In Criotec, through our research and development department, we work to provide our customers with the latest technological advances in the commercial refrigeration industry.

Spare parts

In Criotec, we have a wide assortment of original spare parts, available anytime our customers require them.


Criotec, consistent with our mission to protect the environment, we manufacture equipment that uses environmentally-friendly cooling gases.

Criotec Solutions


Criotec has the support of skilled labor and an excellent team of engineers and technicians.

Customer service

We have an experienced customer service department to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Certified laboratory

Criotec has a reliable indicator of the technical competence of its staff, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.

Technology and design

High-tech refrigeration systems and innovative designs that distinguish our coolers.


Our products meet the industry’s highest quality standards worldwide. The different Criotec coolers and freezers are specifically certified to meet quality and performance standards in the countries in which we operate around the world.

Our customers

We provide customized products and services to our clients, who find a long-term strategic partner in Criotec.